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MarkView Oracle Integration - How will FNDATTCH.fmb be affected by upgrading FNDATTCH.pld 115.41 to 115.43?

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: 6.x and above.


  • Oracle has asked us to apply patch 4730979 upgrade FNDATTCH.pld 115.41 to 115.43. What affect will it have on our FNDATTCH.fmb that contains MarkView customizations? Will we have to re-customize the form?


  • The version of FNDATTCH.fmb 115.45 in the Oracle 4730979 patch may be lower than the 11.5.10 maintenance pack version of 115.63. In cases where this is true, you most likely will not have to re-do the Kofax customizations.


  • However, we have seen cases where the 4730979 patch has recompiled the fmb in $AU_TOP and created a new FNDATTCH.fmx. If that happens, one possible solution is to copy the customized FNDATTCH.fmx from SQL*Flow_TOP/forms/US back to $AU_TOP/forms/US & $FND_TOP/forms/US.

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