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MarkView Oracle Integration - Open button on Working Folder does not query associated invoice in workbench

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Question / Problem: 

The Open button on the Working Folder should auto-query the associated invoice in the Oracle Apps Invoice Workbench.  If that is not working then this article may provide the resolution. 

There should be default values in the appropriate ERP integration tables to allow this to work out of the box, but there are some changes that could be necessary.


For example: 

AP rep selects the Penn Payables responsibility after launching Oracle Apps.

AP rep selects Imaging Workflow > Working Folder


In working folder, scroll to an item with the name in the description, to open to that particular record.

If you select one with “Batch” in the description, you get the message ”Caution the work item property invoice id has no current value".  The form will not be opened, which is what we expect. However, those with a name, when selected, the invoice find window should open with that invoice’s vendor and invoice information


Click on Open.


The invoice find window opens, but is blank.  The vendor name, number, invoice number should be populated, so that when you hit enter, the invoice workbench opens to the appropriate invoice.


Answer / Solution: 

In MarkView 6.x and higher, the MVERP_WI_CLASS_OPNR_PARAM.SCREEN_PARAMETER_YN column should be set to 'Y' for the relevant workitem class opener.  In previous versions, the SFOA_WORKITEM_CLASS_OPNR_PARAM.Form_Parameter_YN column should be set to 'Y'. If it is not already set appropriately, making this change may correct the behavior.


Applies to:  

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Author:  Louis Gendron

2019-07-22 - Created.