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MarkView Oracle Integration - Oracle Error -2001 When Accessing Working Folder

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Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle R12 With Multi-Org Access Control)
  • MarkView Version: ( 6.x and above )


  • When Opening the Working Folder you will see the following error
    Access to the working folder throws an error, if accessing it from an Oracle application that is not Multi-Org enabled:
    Oracle Error -2001: ORA-2001: SQL_PLSQL_ERROR: N, ROUTINE, MO_LOBAL.SET_ORG_ACCESS, N, ERRNO, -2001, N, REASON. ORA-2001: APP_FND_02938: Multi-organizat

Known Causes

  • This is related to the issue described in the metalink article 471409.1. The error is caused when either the application that the working folder is being launched for, or the application for working folder itself is not registered as Multiple Organization Enabled.


  • To resolve this issue manually register the application by using the Oracle API code below where 'RCUST' should be replaced with the Oracle Application short name of the application launching the Working folder form.
    SQL> exec FND_MO_PRODUCT_INIT_PKG.register_application('RCUST','SEED','Y');
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL> commit;
  • To get the application short name, open screen that you are launching the working folder from. Select Help -> Diagnostics -> About Oracle Applications from the Oracle Menu. This will give you the application name. The query below will provide the short name.

    select application_short_name from fnd_application_vl where application_name = '&ApplicationName';

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