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Oracle R12 Patching May Cause a Large Number of InvoicePaid Events to be Alerted

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle R12
  • MarkView Version: 6.4 and higher


  • After installing Oracle patch # 14040540, large numbers of InvoicePaid events are alerted, resulting in a build up of events in the SF_EVENT_ALERT table.
  • This results in significant resource usage to process the added events.
Note-Icon.png Note: If you are upgrading from Oracle 11i to Oracle R12 this patch is applied.

Known Causes


As Oracle patch # 14040540 is updating the total tax amount on the invoice header for upgraded invoices, it is not affecting the payment status itself. Since the payment status is not changing there is no need for the InvoicePaid event to be alerted, thus we can temporarily disable the trigger while the patch is applied.

Note-Icon.png Note: Oracle patch numbers may change. Refer to Oracle Note 972143.1 which will always have the latest patch number. The patch number was formerly # 9076040.
Note-Icon.png Please note Kofax's recommendations for applying patches - Please see Article Number 000003935 — Kofax Recommendations and Best Practices for Applying Patches; Upgrades and Updates - and ensure that the installation of a patch is thoroughly tested in a Non-Production environment before deploying the patch to a Production environment.

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