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MarkView document associated with multiple ERP records placing Entry Complete is not allowed

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: All


Invoice Entry users receive the following message when an AP clerk is trying to place a ENTRY COMPLETE markup:

" This MarkView document is associated with multiple ERP records. Taking the Complete Entry action is not allowed. "

And when we cancel the other one, we got " This MarkView document is associated with multiple invoice records. Canceling the document is not recommended ".

Is there away to un-associate the document to the invoice that has already been cancelled in Oracle EBS?


Known Causes

  • The Markview document for which you are attempting to place the Entry Complete markup has been attached to multiple Oracle records. The Entry Complete markup can only be placed if it has been attache record. Please run the following query which will prompt for the MarkView DocumentID to find the attachment records associated with the MarkView Document.
    select *
        from fnd_documents_vl dvl, fnd_attached_documents ad, ap_invoices_all aia
    where to_char(aia.invoice_id) = pk1_value
        and ad.document_id = dvl.document_id
        and dvl.file_name = '&MVDocumentID';


  • You can identify InvoiceID property for this Document/WorkItem using SQL*Flow Monitor (under the Properties tab).
  • Once you have identified the InvoiceID property, you can use the following two steps:
    • Cancel the invoice in the ERP system
    • Recycle the MarkView document
    • Re-enter the document and invoice as if newly processing.


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