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Function not available to this responsibility error in Oracle

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Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle )
  • MarkView Version: ( All versions )


  • The error "Function not available to this responsibility" is appearing when attempting to access an Oracle form that contains MarkView integration points (e.g. Invoice Workbench, Working Folder, etc.)
  • The full error may be: Function not available to this responsibility. Change responsibilities or contact your System Administrator. 
  • The error can also be seen while performing a General Ledger (GL) inquiry.


  • This error typically indicates that the form function is pointing to the wrong location, or that the SF_TOP environment variable is not set correctly.
  • When Oracle Apps Forms is running in servlet mode it may require the value of the basepath for the SF application to be set entirely in uppercase characters (ie. C_MARKVIEW_TOP)


  • If Forms is running in servlet mode, check the fnd_application table for the value of basepath:
    SQL> select * from fnd_application where upper(basepath) = 'C_MARKVIEW_TOP';
    • If the basepath is returned as c_MARKVIEW_TOP, run the following update, then bounce the Forms tier and re-test:
      SQL> update fnd_application set basepath = 'C_MARKVIEW_TOP' where basepath = 'c_MARKVIEW_TOP';
      SQL> commit;
  • If the error occurs on all forms with Kofax Integration, such as the Invoice Workbench and the Working Folder please double check the SQL*Flow_TOP configuration per the following article.
  • If the error occurs in the Invoice Workbench but the same user can access other Oracle forms with Kofax Integration such as the Working Folder from the same Oracle responsibility then you should query the form functions in Oracle using the following steps:
    1. Log in using the System Administrator or Application Developer Responsibility
    2. Navigate to Application - Function
    3. Query on %APXINWKB%
    4. Check the forms tab, and confirm the form functions are pointing to the Kofax Invoice Workbench Form
    5. Please confirm that the form SFXINWKB.fmx is under the SQL*Flow_Top/forms/US and that the spelling, case, permissions, etc. on that file are correct
  • If none of the suggestions resolve the issue, Kofax Technical Support will need to review that the Kofax Form Block function is still accurate for the Payables responsibility that you are using.
    1. Navigate to Markview Home - Administration - Module Admin
    2. Select the Form Block Function menu option on the left hand side menu.
    3. Save the data to a spread sheet and upload the file to a new case.

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