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MarkView Support of Oracle Indirect Responsibilities


Does MarkView support Oracle indirect responsibilities? We find that AUSS is not removing mapped MarkView groups and roles when an EBS role is end-dated.

Applies To

ERP System: Oracle ERP. MarkView Version: All Versions.



Customers using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)  in EBS 12.x with MarkView where responsibilities are indirectly assigned via roles may see AUSS not removing mapped MarkView groups/roles when an EBS role is end-dated. 


MarkView does not currently support Oracle indirect responsibilities. A product enhancement request has been logged for consideration in a future version of MarkView. 


If the user manually populates the EXPIRATION_DATE column on the WF_LOCAL_USER_ROLES table and sets the LAST_UPDATE_DATE to sysdate, then AUSS will pick up the change and the mapped roles and groups in MarkView are removed as expected.


Reference: Enhancement Request 270990.

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