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MarkView Web Inbox - Get Next Performance Issues

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All ERP Systems
  • MarkView Version: All Versions


Poor performance when clicking the Get Next button in the Working Folder or Web Inbox.

Known Causes

This can result from slow queries on the sf_pending_user_items / sf_pending_user_queues / sf_pending_function_queues views, which in turn may be due to invalid indexes or inadequate statistics gathering on the underlying objects.


  • The first step is to the the GatherPendingStats100Time.sql and GatherNonPendingStats60Time.sql scripts that are attached to the Gathering Statistics article.
  • If the above scripts do not resolve the performance issue, use the Trace Get Next page in Support Tools to generate a trace of the Get Next feature, then log a Support case and provide:
    • The raw trace file
    • The tkprof'ed output of that trace file

Note: Alternatively, the trace may also be generated via these steps:

  • Run the attached TraceWebInbox2.sql in the MarkView schema, to create a debug version of the Web Inbox.
  • Log into the MarkView Home as a user experiencing slow performance in their Web Inbox.
  • Replace the "MVT_MV_Home.Home" in the URL with "TraceWebInbox2" and hit enter. (Example URL
  • This will mimic the Web Inbox and generate a trace file on the database server. The tips at the bottom of the TraceWebInbox2 page should help you identify where on the database server the trace file will be located.
  • Log a support incident ensuring the following data is attached to it:
    • The raw trace file.
    • The tkprof'ed output of that trace file.
    • The HTML file generated by clicking "File - Save As" from the TraceWebInbox2 URL.


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