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MarkView All Components - Support policy regarding Oracle RDBMS releases patches and updates

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft
  • MarkView Version: All Versions

Support of Oracle RDBMS releases, patches, and updates.

Major RDBMS Releases

  • Major RDBMS Releases are defined as new versions of the database designated by a change to the first or second digit in the version. For example, a change from 9i to 10g or a change from 10.1 to 10.2 is considered a Major RDBMS Release.

    Kofax does not support these Major Releases upon their general availability. However, Kofax endeavors to support these releases in a reasonable time frame - taking into account the breadth and depth of system, architectural and technical changes introduced with these Major Releases.

    Kofax will support the use of MarkView with a Major RDBMS Release through one of the following two mechanisms:
    • Kofax will certify the release on the then current supported versions of the MarkView system
    • Kofax will create an updated version or new release of the MarkView system and certify it to run on the new release

Minor RDBMS Updates

Minor RDBMS Updates are defined as patches or updates to an existing database version designated by a change to the third or fourth digit in the version. For example, a change from to or a change from to is considered a Minor RDBMS Release.

Our long experience with the Oracle RDBMS shows that Minor Updates rarely cause problems in the MarkView system. Therefore, we typically support their use with the latest version of MarkView at the time of their general availability.

Note-Icon.png Note: This excludes beta or early adopter versions of these updates

If an Oracle RDBMS Minor Update does cause a problem, please log an incident with Kofax Technical Support, and we will follow our standard process to resolve the incident - which may include upgrading to the latest version of MarkView

Before applying an update, review the MarkView Release Notes and the Articles within the Support System to search for any known problems (and potential workarounds) with minor updates.


Important Notes:

In general, customers should note the recommended best practices for applying any patch or update in the MarkView environment and should plan accordingly, as outlined in Kofax Recommendations and Best Practices for Applying Patches, Upgrades, and Updates

In particular, always test any update in a non-production environment before applying the update to a production environment.

Known Issues

While it is always best to search the Knowledgebase for the particular patch/update etc. that you are applying, some of the known issues are listed in this section.

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