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MarkView All Components - Support policy regarding operating system or third party releases patches and updates

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Support policy regarding operating system or third party release, patches, and updates.

Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft
  • MarkView Version: All Versions

Support of OS and Third Party releases, patches, and updates.

  • Please note the versions of Operating Systems and Third Party products supported for use with MarkView are listed in the relevant MarkView Product Documentation for the version of MarkView installed at your site.
  • ERP and RDBMS releases, patches, and updates?
    For information related specifically to ERP and RDBMS releases, patches and updates please review the following Articles:
  • OS and Third Party releases, patches, and updates??
    For updates not related to the ERP or RDBMS, Kofax supports and in some cases, formally certifies its products with interim patches, updates and service packs for third party software applications, including operating systems.
    In certain instances, Kofax will assume compatibility and therefore support new versions of third party software based upon the vendor's compatibility statements for the release.
    In general, Kofax supports newer minor versions or updates to third party software, within the general bounds of the Cross Platform Compatibility Matrix.
  • Important Notes:
    In general, customers should note the recommended best practices for applying any patch or update in the MarkView environment and should plan accordingly, as outlined in Kofax Recommendations and Best Practices for Applying Patches, Upgrades, and Updates.
    In particular, always test any update in a non-production environment before applying the update to a production environment.
  • Third Party De-Support:
    Over time, third parties will change the support status of these components, moving them from mainstream support usually to lower levels of support (Extended Support) and then finally either de-support or levels of support where fixes are not provided. Whenever a third party component on which MarkView depends moves from mainstream to a lower level of support, this will automatically move the Kofax support for that platform to the same lower level of support (Extended Support or De-Supported). This is necessary since if issues are found in the integration of MarkView with this third-party software, it will be difficult to get support in order to troubleshoot or provide a fix.
    For example, Kofax MarkView 6.5 lists Internet Explorer 7 as supported on the CPCM. If Microsoft moves IE7 away from mainstream support, then the Kofax support for that platform would now be moved to Extended support status. Please see the Kofax Support Policy documents for details on what is and is not covered with Extended Support.

Known Issues

While it is always best to search the Knowledgebase for the particular patch/update etc. that you are applying, some of the known issues are listed in this section.

  • Please search the Knowledgebase for any Known Issues.

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