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Technical Support Process - Bugs and Enhancement Requests


Note:  This section is currently under revision by Technical Support Management.

Bugs and Enhancement Requests 

Before requesting logging a Bug or Enhancment Request, the Support Analyst must:

  • Obtain all relevant log files and screen shots
  • Follow the relevant troubleshooting steps per the Product involved
  • Have an accurate problem description and reproduce case

In addition, the Support Analyst should check for existing bugs, and confirm the reproduce case with an internal environment. 

Logging the Bug or Enhancement

The defect or enhancement request should be logged under the appropriate product / project.

Customer Communication regarding Bugs and Enhancements 

Technical Support must be clear in all communications with customers regarding bugs and enhancement requests. We cannot commit to any bug fixes or enhancement requests, and it is particularly important that we do not state or imply that we will provide any fix or change within any timeframe. 

Customers should be encouraged to use the Enhancement Request form for submitting new feature requests. 


Sample Responses

Known Bugs / Known Issues: 

A typical response to the customer regarding a known issue is:

Hello Alice, 

This behavior is a known issue with MarkView Expense Management v. 4.7 and earlier.

This bug is due to be fixed in version 4.8, which is currently scheduled to be released in Q1 of 2005.

You will be notified when version 4.8 is released, at which time you can plan an upgrade to your DEV environment for testing. 

In the meantime, the current workaround is to avoid re-submit within Oracle iExpense, and instead copy the expense report and submit a new expense report, adjusting dates as appropriate. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this bug and the workaround. 




New Bugs: 

A typical response to the customer regarding a new bug is: 

Hello Bob, 

This behavior appears to be a bug with MarkView Viewer Enterprise Edition 4.7. 

This bug has been reported to Product Development Engineering. 

The bug will be reviewed for a possible fix in a future release.

In the meantime, please continue to use the workaround of keeping the control window open.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this bug and the current workaround.

Thank you,




Enhancement Requests 

A typical response to the customer regarding an enhancement request is:

Hello Bob, 

Thank you for your proposed enhancement to MarkView 

This enhancement has been reported to Product Development Engineering, who will review it for possible inclusion in a future release. 

Please Note: At this time, this request is under review, and has not been accepted for inclusion in a product. 

Please let me know if you have any additional information or suggestions that you would like to include for this request. 




Steps for Handling Bugs / Enhancement Requests 

The steps for handling bug reports and enhancement requests:

1) Gather all relevant product version information

2) Gather all reproduce case information

3) Gather specifics regarding behavior (screen shots, results, etc.)

4) If a suspected Bug, Report Information to Product Development Escalation Manager, requesting BugWeb Entry

a. If approved by PD, Enter in BugWeb (Per process below, linking the Incident to the BugWeb entry)

5) If an Enhancement Request, enter the data in BugWeb (Per process below, linking Incident to BugWeb entry)

6) Determine possible workaround

7) Propose workaround to Customer

8) If workaround is accepted, communicate with customer that you will be closing the incident, setting it to a status of Enhancement or Development, for an Enhancement Request or Bug, respectively. Note that they will receive an update when the status of the Bug / ER changes.

9) Post the response and close the incident


An example Response is:

Hello Alice,

I have reported the issue to Product Development, and they will review the issue for possible inclusion in a future release.


Since we have a workaround for the behavior, I am going to close this incident.

Please note that you can re-open any incident that has been closed, simply by posting an update to the incident.

The update will re-open the incident and it will show up in the assigned Technical Support Analyst's queue.


You will receive a notification of the next software release, with detail regarding the bug fixes and enhancements addressed, outside of this incident.

Thank you,




Because any bug or enhancement request may not be addressed until a future release, the Support Analyst must provide a workaround whenever possible for all bugs or enhancement requests.


The Workaround should follow the standard outlined in the Workarounds section.


Logging Bugs / Enhancement Requests


1) Log the entry in BugWeb, providing workaround, functionality loss, and business case

2) Update the Incident with BugID


Once a bug or enhancement request has been logged, if there are no more details to be obtained, one should try to close the incident, with the consent of the customer.


If a bug / enhancement request already exists, it is acceptable to update the Bug itself, to facilitate communication with Product Development.


Please note that only Product Development should update the Bug Status to Awaiting Scheduling.

Author:  Shawn Abedi

Created On: 7/31/2019

Based on original CRM article 4583