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Events Not Processing Due to Job Queue Processes Setting

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All 
  • MarkView Version: All


  • One or several Process Managers are not processing events.
  • Events are taking a long time to process.
    • Both behaviors may lead to notifications being sent at incorrect times (i.e. late)
  • The number of Pending Events reported in MarkView's System Status is increasing
    • As seen in MarkView Home -> Support -> MarkView System Status.
  • A DBMS Jobs that are normally running is not broken
    • On MarkView Home -> Support -> Database Job Administration the last run is different from expected
    • The ‘Broken’ column is set to ‘No’

Known Causes

  • The number of DBMS jobs running on the database has increased
    • The new DBMS jobs may not be MarkView-related
  • The job_queue_processes parameter in v$parameter is too small
    • The database will process as many jobs as indicated in the job_queue_processes; the rest of the DBMS jobs (MarkView or not) will be queued.
  • Support Tools >DBMS Jobs will highlight in red when the number of job queue processes is too small and needs to be increased by your DBA. 


  • The job_queue_processes parameter needs to be large enough to cater for the Database DBMS jobs – some of which will be MarkView.
  • Check the value of the job_queue_processes parameter in Support Tools >DBMS Jobs (or v$parameter). 
    • On MarkView Home -> Support -> Database Jobs see the current value listed towards the top of the screen
    • It should also say how many MarkView DBMS job you have
    • It does not indicate how many other non-MarkView DBMS jobs you have - your DBA has to confirm that so the number to which you increase is correctly high enough. 

Note: If the value is not listed then please use script to find the value:

  • select * from v$parameter where name = 'job_queue_processes';
  • If the value is too low then please request the DBA team to increase the value.
    • We typically recommend 25 or higher. 
    • Please confirm the value against other working environment to confirm the expected value.
    • The DBA Team will be familiar with the process to change the value.
      • Example to set the parameter to 25 jobs:
      • alter system set job_queue_processes= 25;
      • commit;
    • Increasing the parameter will not automatically resolve the issue. It will allow more jobs to run simultaneously which in time should allow more DBMS jobs to process events.

Keywords: v$parameter, notifications, DBMS, job_queue_processes