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We are having a problem with the Archive event causing our Process Manager to spin. Is there a way we can move the Archive event to its own manager so that other events will continue processing?

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Create a new Archive Manager:

The following steps can be taken to create a new Process Manager and assign the 'Archive' event to the new manager:

  1. Log onto MarkView Home and go to Process Admin.
  2. Under the Managers tab create a new manager named 'Archive Manager'
  3. Under the Event Types choose the 'Archive' event and Set the Event Mode to Asynchronous
  4. Under Manager Event Assignments add the 'Archive Manager' and delete the other Managers associated with the 'Archive' event.

Cleanup Indexes after issue has been resolved:

After a large number of events have built up in the sf_event_alert and sf_event_alert_property_value tables the indexes may need to be rebuilt. The instructions in the following Support Web Answer should be followed in order to rebuild these indexes:

As always you will want to follow Industry Standard Best practices and apply these changes in a Non- Production environment before making any changes to your Production environment.

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