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MarkView Self-Service Invoice : Cannot view SSI barcodes in an environment that was upgraded to MarkView 7.0

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: 7.0 (Note: This can also impact MarkView 6.5).


  • When a user clicks the Barcode icon on the SSI Request Status page the barcode fails to appear. Instead, a blank page comes up. The mvssi.log indicates that the OC4J is throwing a null pointer exception when attempting to supply this barcode

    The SSI request will appear in the Request Status page with a Status of IMPORT. Clicking the barcode icon results in a blank page and no error is observed by the user.

Known Causes

  • The 7.0 upgrade inserts a RequestID cover page class property for the Self Service Invoice Packet workitem class. Since this property already exists for the Self Service Invoice class, the second RequestID property is a duplicate and this leads to a SQL statement fetching 2 rows when it will only accept one row.


  • Disable the duplicate property and change its name so that this duplicate will not be found by the SSI code.
    SQL> update mvt_cover_page_class_property cpcp set cpcp.enabled_yn = 'N' 
    where cpcp.cover_page_class_property_id = (select 
    cpcp1.cover_page_class_property_id from mvt_cover_page_class_property cpcp1, 
    sf_workitem_class_property wcp, sf_workitem_class wc where wc.class_name = 
    'Self-Service Invoice Packet' and wc.workitem_class_id=wcp.workitem_class_id 
    and wcp.property_name = 'RequestID' and 
    SQL> update sf_workitem_class_property wcp set wcp.property_name = 
    'ImageSource' where wcp.workitem_class_property_id = (select 
    wcp1.workitem_class_property_id from sf_workitem_class_property wcp1, 
    sf_workitem_class wc where wc.class_name = 'Self-Service Invoice Packet' and 
    wc.workitem_class_id=wcp1.workitem_class_id and wcp1.property_name = 
    SQL> commit;

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