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MarkView Self Service Invoice - Expenditure Org LOV lists are blank when there are plenty of items that should be displayed in the list

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Some sites running version 5.5 of MarkView Self Service Invoice might encounter the following problems:

  • When filtering an LOV, MarkView Self Service Invoice finds no objects although there are plenty of objects fitting the filter parameter.
  • When selecting the next page in the LOV list, MarkView Self-Service Invoice comes up blank, when there should be another list of items to show.

How do you correct this?

This is a known issue and Kofax has created the following patch:

  • MarkView Self Service Invoice Patch

The patch and installation instructions are attached to this article.

Note-Icon.png Note: The 5.10.1 patch set supersedes this patch. In other words, if you apply the 5.10.1 patch set, you do not need to apply MarkView Self Service Invoice Patch

Keywords: 22890, patch, lov, list, values,, ssi