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MarkView Self Service Invoice - Incorrect seeding of Tool BitMaps


The current MarkView Self Service Invoice seed scripts do not fully seed the MarkView Self Service Invoice tool bitmaps. 4034

The bitmaps that are seeded are for a different version of SSI and need to be changed.

This is a known issue and has been corrected with the following patch:

  • MarkView Self-Service Invoice patch

This patch has the same requirements as version 5.5.1 of MarkView Self-Service Invoice. For details on these requirements, please refer to the Planning to Install guide for your MarkView product from Article Number 000003955 - MarkView Product Documentation

The attached zip file includes the patch as well as the release notes and installation instructions.

Note: The 5.10.1 patch set supersedes this patch. In other words, if you apply the 5.10.1 patch set, you do not need to apply MarkView Self-Service Invoice patch

Keywords: ssi, self service invoice, self-service invoice