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Markview Self Service Invoice - Markview Self Service Invoice has encountered an error when generating follow up barcode



Applies To

Self Service Invoice on Markview for Oracle All versions


  • When generating a follow up barcode for Self Service Invoice users are seeing the following error message:
        "Self Service Invoice has generated an error. Please contact your system administrator"
  • Reviewing the mvssi.log file, even with Trace log enabled does not show any errors.
  • Going directly to the barcode url generated in the log EG ( ) works

Known Causes / Background

  • This is related to Defect 1098834.
  • When the SSI_FAX_NUMBER preference is created but no value is assigned this will cause this behavior.

Resolution / Answer

  • Run the following queries to identify if the preference is set with an invalid value on the system or on the org level
    select *
    where PREFERENCE_ID in
        (select PREFERENCE_ID
    select *
    from MV_System_PREFERENCE
    where PREFERENCE_ID in
        (select PREFERENCE_ID
  • For each preference returned with a preference_value of an empty string you will need to delete the preference. This should be done in the Markview Admin using the steps below
    • Log into Markview Home as the Markview Administrator
    • Navigate to Administration -> Markview Admin
    • Click the preferences button
    • Click the details button next SSI_FAX_NUMBER
      • If the first query return row(s) that are blank click ORG Preferences tab
        • For each org returned click the details button next to that org. You will see blank line with a details button next to it. Click that details button and then click delete.
      • If the second query returns a row, click the System Preferences tab. Click the details button next to the blank line and click the delete button.

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