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MarkView All Components - How to handle invalid objects after upgrading to versions 6.x and 7.x.



Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle, SAP)
  • MarkView Version: (6.x and above)


  • After the upgrade from 5.10.x to 6.x, or from an earlier release of 6.x to the latest release of 6.x, we have a lot of invalid objects in the MarkView

Known Causes

  • After an upgrade to the latest release of MarkView version 6.x, it is expected that some schema objects will be invalid. Below you will find a list of categories in which most of these invalid objects will fall, along with instructions on how to handle these objects after an upgrade.


  1. Some invalid product, and most %_CUSTOM, package bodies have been deprecated and can be safely dropped so long as any customizations that existed within those packages have been successfully ported into your upgraded environment. Some common packages that may be invalid after the upgrade, which have been deprecated, are listed below and can be safely dropped:
    • MV_BAR_CODE_SVR_CUSTOM (functionality now exists in MVT_DOCUMENT_CAPTURE_CUSTOM)
    • MV_FAX_SVR_CUSTOM (functionality now exists in MVT_DOCUMENT_CAPTURE_CUSTOM)
    • MV_SCAN_CUSTOM (functionality now exists in MVT_DOCUMENT_CAPTURE_CUSTOM)
      For any other %_CUSTOM packages, these may be invalid for other reasons and may need to be modified to be made valid. If you have other invalid Custom packages that do not appear in the list above, please provide that package body and the 'show errors' during recompile as details to Kofax Technical Support and open a new Support Web ticket to track that behavior.
      For customers who are upgrading to 6.3 or 6.4 ONLY
    • MVERP_DFM_DESCR_FLEX_CUSTOM - We have changed this package specification when upgrading to 6.3 or 6.4, so you will need to use the attached SQL script to recompile the new package body:
      • mverp_dfm_descr_flex_custom_pb.sql
    • MVW_AUTHENTICATE_CUSTOM & MVEXP_CUSTOM - We have changed this package specification if you upgrade to 6.4, so you will need to use the attached SQL attached SQL script to recompile the new package bodies:
      • mvw_authenticate_custom_pb.sql mvexp_custom_pb.sql

Please Note: There are cases when custom code exists within these _CUSTOM packages listed above, therefore the installer does not automatically compile the new package bodies in order to preserve customizations. To carry any customizations forward to the new package bodies, you must first add any customizations that you have made to your current custom packages, to the 6.4 versions attached here. Once that is complete, you can then install the customization-integrated 6.4 custom packages.

  1. If you see any MV_REC% objects within the list of invalid objects, these are related to the MarkView Recognition Server. This product is no longer a supported product as of version 6.x and therefore the objects can be safely ignored and dropped.
  2. There are two MarkView Expense Management packages that will be invalid after an upgrade. These are expected and can be safely ignored:
  3. For any invalid MVC_SUPPORT% objects, these relate to the Support Diagnostic Tools that you've installed in your environment prior to the upgrade. Since these tools are version dependent, you should simply reinstall the latest version of the Support Diagnostic Tools to update and recompile these packages to address any invalid objects. The latest information and software for the Support Diagnostic Tools can be found here:
    MarkView All Components - Technical Support Diagnostic Tools 7.x - Installation and Functionality Information
  4. MV_FAX may appear as invalid after your Application Server and Database Objects upgrade. The reason for this is because the Fax Server database objects are now installed during the installation of MarkView Fax Server Windows application. So, the corresponding Database Objects should be installed and become valid as soon as you upgrade the MarkView Fax application on the workstation designated to serve as your Fax Server. MarkView All Components - Technical Support Diagnostic Tools 7.x - Installation and Functionality Information
  5. If you find any objects that start with MVX%, these are all related to customizations implemented in your environment through Consulting Services. To upgrade the related applications to 6.x, you will need to engage Consulting Services to port these customizations into the 6.x Customizations Framework. Otherwise, that functionality cannot be guaranteed to work post-upgrade as these customizations will not carry forward through the Product installer. It may be the case that the functionality has been deprecated, as it is either no longer required, or has been incorporated into standard Product functionality. However, this would be best confirmed by Consulting Services and you should contact your Kofax Practice Manager to discuss this action further.
  6. For any other invalid objects (rules and filter functions), most likely they were simply not dropped after the upgrade and are referencing deprecated objects that no longer exist. You should provide the output of the 'show errors' command for these invalid objects when you try to recompile them, then upload those details to Technical Support by opening a Support Web incident. We can then review and decide how to handle each one of these other specific objects.
  7. MV_JMS_WRAPPER - In the case where support for MarkView Advisor or EMC/Captiva Integration is not installed, the MV_JMS_WRAPPER database package will harmlessly remain uncompiled. Please note that this package should not be dropped as there are dependencies even though the package is invalid. This was planned since we didn't want to require all customers to install Oracle AQ feature unless needed by Advisor or the EMC integration.

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