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MarkView All Components - Strategies for using the Blackout action tools

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I want to prevent unauthorized users from being able to delete a blackout markup.

Only users who are members of a specific user group should be allowed to remove the blackout markup on documents.

Known Causes

From the MarkView Viewer, a user may be allowed to delete an action (aka markup in MarkView 6.5 or earlier) based on the configuration and the user, action, document, etc.

MarkView gives users the ability to place various action tools such as those related to blacking out regions of images or lines of an image. When a user places such actions, the user is not altering the original image - the user is simply putting the action on a View (which is basically a transparent sheet that goes over the original image). This prevents the original document from being altered.

Each user is a member of a user group and that user group is assigned specific toolsets. Those groups are also given various permissions to place actions as well as see actions that have been placed on a particular View. The Users who can view the image underneath the blackout would be only those Users who have permissions for the View Type.

In the first example, you only want the users who are members of a specific group to be able to remove blackout actions, so the MarkView Administrator would need to make sure all other users don't have access to the View Type on which the blackout actions are being placed.


MarkView 7.0 or later

MarkView 7.0 or later uses the CONFIDENTIAL group to manage access to Confidential Actions. Users gain access to the Confidential Actions by becoming a member of the CONFIDENTIAL group. Please refer to the Related Articles section for further details on removing Confidential Actions placed by other users.

MarkView 6.5 or earlier

One method of dealing with this would be to create a new View Type to which only those users with that level of access can remove the blackout markups they placed - ie, no other users would have access to this view and when viewing documents that have had a blackout action placed, the general users would not be able to look underneath the blackout or remove it from the image.

The MarkView suite prevents unauthorized users from interacting with view types, so those users who should not be allowed to either delete the blackout markup, or look under it via another view, would not be able to do so.

You would be able to configure the View Type Group Auths by going to the View Type in MarkView Administration, selecting the View Type (Confidential) and then the tab named View Type Group Auths.

Normally, this type of configuration is implemented by Kofax Professional Services. If you would like to engage Kofax to make this change, please contact your Kofax Practice Manager.

If you want to make this change on your own, you should only attempt such a change after having attended Advanced Technical Training. Because this functionality would require a code change, such a change is considered a Non-Standard Modification to your MarkView solution. The support of such a change is limited under the 'Support of Non-Standard Modifications to MarkView Programs'. Please refer to the Kofax Support Commitment.


Please Note: For all systems changes, Kofax Technical Support recommends that you follow the steps outlined in the Kofax Recommendations and Best Practices.

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