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MarkView Viewer - Performance (Details Section) - You may encounter slow image load times for documents with large workflow histories

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 6.x and later


Some images take some time to open on the MarkView Express Viewer.

Known Causes

Documents with large workflow histories, e.g. those that reach the default maximum allowed of 1000 (MVT_WEB_DETAIL_MAX_RECORDS), can sometimes be slow to load in the MarkView Express Viewer because of the amount of data that needs to be provided by the Application Server to the Browser and displayed on the screen


  • To reduce the amount of data being delivered to the viewer:
    • Setting the MVT_HISTORY_SHOW_WORKFLOW_HISTORY preference to HIDE.
    • Setting the MVT_WEB_DETAIL_MAX_RECORDS to a much lower number than the default of 1000 (e.g 20)
  • If the performance issue persists after completing this, please run the attached TimeTraceGetAllDetailDataRecords6X.sql (for MarkView 6.x customers), or the TimeTraceGetAllDetailDataRecords7X.sql (for MarkView 7.x and higher customers)

The script prompts for two input parameters:

invoice_id - The Oracle Invoice_ID associated with the MarkView Document.
user_id - The MarkView User who is trying to view the MarkView Document.

This script will generate:

  1. A TimeTraceGetAllDetailDataRecords.txt output file and
  2. A DB trace file.

Once you have these, please open a new incident and provide both of these files, plus the tkprof version of the DB trace file, and Kofax MarkView Support can analyze the issue for you.

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