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MarkView Viewer - After upgrading to MarkView for Oracle 6.3.0 or later I recieve Package Error: (302) or Package Error: (105) when I try to access to a document.

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Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle )
  • MarkView Version: (6.3 and above)


  • After upgrading to MarkView for Oracle 6.3.0, I recieve Package Error: (302) or Package Error: (105) when I try to access to a document.

Known Causes

  • Depending on the settings of the SECURITY_MASK_ACCESS_VIOLATIONS preference, I receive "Package Error: (302): You are not authorized to perform the requested operation on this document." (if preference is false) or "Package Error: (105): The requested MarkView Document ID is not valid, or has been deleted from the system." (if it is true).


  • MarkView 6.3.0 introduces an enhanced and customizable document security framework. Upon upgrade from a release prior to version 6.3.0, this security will be enabled, which may prevent some users from being able to view certain documents.

The new Document Privilege Code ?Access Ignore Security? has been added so that MarkView Administrators can control which document and user should require extra security checks beyond what MarkView usually provides based on User Groups and Document Types.

Setting Access Ignore Security to Y, turning off the enhanced security module, can potentially increase the speed of your MarkView system, should the extra layer of authorization be unnecessary in a particular part or the entirety of your environment.

What follows are the technical details for how this framework functions:

  • User Requests Viewing an MV Document
  • System checks if User belongs to a User Group that has Access Privileges on this Document Type
  • System checks value of Access Ignore Security for this User and Document Type combination.
  • If the value is YES, no additional security checks occur.
  • If the value is NO, a combination of standard and custom security checks are run, down to the more fine-grained individual User and Document ID level.
  • At this point, if privileges have not been granted to view the document by a previous step, the document is not shown, otherwise it is displayed.
    In order to disable the new additional security, and simply continue using your pre-existing security configuration, please add the following document privilege authorization to the to the "All Users" user group for the "ALL" document type in MarkView Administration:
    1. Access Ignore Security {Y|N} - Set to Yes

Note: As this is a document privilege. it is configurable at the Document Type level, so in addition to turning off/on the whole system by applying it to All Documents for All Users, it can be applied to individual document types for any user group.

In order customize this security, please contact your system integrator.

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