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MarkView Viewer - Markup tool bar displaying too many markup icons for viewer window

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: Version 6.x and earlier


Excessive markup tools are displayed on the viewer markup toolbar.

Known Causes

Some MarkView users may belong to more than one MarkView user group. If the groups have overlapping toolsets, users can have a large number of Markup tools in their Viewer Markup toolbars. These tools may not be used often, or may be inappropriate for certain document types. By default, all Markup tools for all toolsets for each user group are displayed.


  • This issue can be resolved by adding or modifying the user system preference VIEWER_TOOLBAR_UPDATE_MODE to PER_DOCUMENT_TYPE, from the default of PER_VIEWER.
    The PER_DOCUMENT_TYPE setting means that the Viewer toolbar will refresh with only the appropriate markup icons for the document type currently being viewed.

Note: This change will add some slight system overhead when loading new document types in the MarkView Viewer, as the toolbar will refresh with the appropriate tool icons. However, this refresh should take no more than a few seconds. If viewing the same document type, there will be no toolbar refresh. The toolbar will only refresh if the new MarkView document is a different type from the previous document.

To implement this change for a user:

  1. Log into MarkView Administration
  2. From the User Profile tab, locate the correct user record
  3. Click the Details button (to the left of the username), then click on the User Preference tab
  4. Review this users preferences.
  5. If the preference VIEWER_TOOLBAR_UPDATE_MODE exists, update the preference to PER_DOCUMENT_TYPE.
  6. If the preference does not exist, click the Add button on this form to add the new user preference.
  7. Click Select Preference, and select VIEWER_TOOLBAR_UPDATE_MODE.
  8. From the Preference Value list of values, select PER_DOCUMENT_TYPE and click Save.
  9. After making this change, stop and start the MarkView Application Server Viewer Module.

Note: If you receive the following message:
'Preference 'VIEWER_TOOLBAR_UPDATE_MODE' cannot be changed.',
then a slight database change is required. Please contact Kofax Technical Support for assistance. this message means that a slight database change will be required prior to making this update.

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