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MarkView Viewer Printing, Emailing & Image Quality Issues

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 7.0 and later


  • The MarkView Viewer is unable to print or email an image.
  • Some images not displayed in the viewer.
  • Some sections of the MarkView viewer are blank.

Known Causes

  • Users provide images (normally form expenses) captured using mobile devices such as mobile phone and the image format is not set correctly.
  • Some PDF images have inconsistent file format; often a page size of 200 inch x 200 inch (5 metres x 5 metres).
  • Images were imported into MarkView using KIC (Kofax Import Connector); but the page size was not set in KIC


  • To prevent the same issue for occurring in new images please set the KIC settings:
    On KC Administration > Electronic Documents > Configuration > Select the email account from the bottom > Click Edit Destination > Import Settings > Change the (Scale To) value from Disabled to Letter. Then restart the KIC services and re-test
  • To correct images already imported into MarkView
    Copy the image from the Document Server, edit the image a described below (using a third party software) and then replace the original image on the Document Server.
  • To edit the image(s)
    • Locate the tif files for the image on the Document Server using the following query in the MarkView Schema (or use the Query tool in Support Tools):
      • select * from mv_page_image_paths where document_id = &YourDocumentID;
    • Backup the image to a local folder on your pc
    • Open the image with a third party tool such as Irfanview (from
      • Click on the menu option of Image -> Resize/Resample
      • Click on the menu option File -> Save As; set the Compression to CCITT Fax 4.
    • Replace the original image with the modified one on the Document Server (ensuring the file has the same name as before the changes).
  • Set up KIC to use VRS
    • VRS can be set on KIC - a different VRS license will be required.
    • VRS will then correct a number of issues on the imported images; in the same fashion as images imported via Kofax Capture.

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