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MarkView Viewer - Recommended Browser Settings for use with MarkView

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With Certain browsers settings MarkView will open a new window when clicking Get Next instead of Using the already opened window.


Using the recommended browser settings below should ensure the same browser window is re-used, and prevent caching issues.

Browser Recommendations: Internet Expolorer (IE) settings:

For IE, changed the settings in Tools/Internet Options/General/Tabs/Settings, made 3 changes:

  1. When a new tab is opened, open: The new tab page
  2. When a pop-up is encountered: Let IE decide how pop-ups should open
  3. Open links from other programs in: The current tab or window

In Tools/Internet Options/General/Browsing History/Settings

  1. Check for newer versions of pages: Should be set to ' Everytime I visit the webpage'

FireFox Settings (FF):

In FF type: about:config
Filter: newwindow – make the value to 1.
Close all FF browsers.

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