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MarkView Viewer – Unexpected error when placing an Action

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


  • Error message when placing an Action in the MarkView Viewer.
    • The issue has been reported when placing
      • Reassign document
      • Escalate document
      • Increase Priority
      • Return To Supplier Complete \ Return To Vendor Complete
  • The MarkView Viewer produces the following message:
    • Error 'An unexpected error occurred during validation'
      • when 'Return to Vendor' action is taken
    • Error 'Unexpected error when reassigning document ...'
      • ORA-20181

Known Causes

  • Incorrect seeding of mv_tool table during a MarkView Upgrade.


  • Reset the mv_tool back to Version 1.
    • Always backup the data before making any changes
    • If possible please test the changes in your non-production environment first.
  • Steps to modify the Version in MV_Tool
    • Step 1. Backup the table mv_tool
      • create table mv_tool_backup as select * from mv_tool;
    • Step 2-- To identify the tool
      • select tool_name, tool_Id, current_version from mv_tool order by tool_name
      • or alternatively filter to the tools that are likely to be affected
      • select tool_name, tool_Id, current_version from mv_tool where tool_name in ('Reassign document', 'Escalate document', 'Increase Priority', 'Return To Supplier Complete', 'Return To Vendor Complete') order by tool_name
    • Step 3. Set the current version of the tool to 1
      • update mv_tool set current_version = 1 where tool_id = XYZ;
      • where XYZ is the tool id identified in Step 2.
    • Step 4. Bounce the Application Server.
    • Step 5. Re-test to confirm if the issue is persists or not.

Keywords: ORA-20181, An unexpected error occurred during validation, Unexpected error when reassigning document,