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MarkView Viewer - Users can't see all markups that have been placed on a document image

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Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft)
  • MarkView Version: (All Versions.)


  • User can not see all markups that have been placed on a document image

Known Causes

  • The inability for a user to see a markup that has been placed on a document image could be caused by several factors. Please review troubleshooting steps below


  • Generate a workitem history for one of the work items in question using the Support Diagnostic Tools:
  • Confirm that the markup in question was not placed on a different page of the document. In some cases, users mistakenly place markups on a page other than page 1. By placing the markup on a page other than page 1, other users may think the markup is not there, or can't be viewed as expected. Examine the work item history to see the location of the markup in question.
  • If the markup in question was placed on page 1, then check the X1 and Y1 coordinates of the markup in question on the work item history. Examine to determine if the markup in question was placed to the extremes of the image. In some cases, some users have placed markups beyond where other users can see the markup.
  • Make sure the markup was placed on a View other than the Queue Status Markups View.
    For more information on this View Type, please reference the following document:
    Administering the MarkView System Oracle E-Business Suite Edition Version 5.5.1, Using MarkView Administration, View Types:
    Important-Icon.png Warning: Do not authorize any user group to modify Queue Status Markups views. To do so may lead to inadvertent loss of data.
  • Confirm that the User who is trying to view the markup has the proper privileges to the View on which the markup was placed. Check the Document Type in question and the View. Check the View Type Group Auths for the Document Type to determine that the Authorized User Group has Display Rights to the View Type.

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