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After upgrading to 7.1; the Comment Request LOV is empty

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle; SAP
  • MarkView Version: 7.1 and higher


Following an upgrade to MarkView 7.1, upon trying to place the Comment Request annotation, the LOV is empty.

Known Causes

  • With the advent of 7.1, in order for a user to be present in the Comment Request LOV, they will need to:
    • Belong to a group that has the COMMENTER privilege (this is normally provided via the All Users group which has this privilege on many document types).
    • Be associated with the new role Commenter.

If this issue is encountered, it is likely that one of the above may be missing


  • Ensure that users belong to a group having the Commenter privilege (via a document type).
  • Ensure that users have been granted the COMMENTER role.

Keywords: LOV, Commenter, "Comment Request"