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MarkView Workflow - A work item is currently in process but users are not assigned to the workitem

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


  • A Workitem has entered the workflow but no user is assigned to this workitem. How can a user be assigned to this workitem?

Known Causes

  • A possible reason why users may not have been assigned to this workitem is because a MarkView Process Role may not have been granted to the required members when the workitem entered into the workflow queue.
  • The workflow in question may define the owner of the workitem by a Process Filter. The workaround to assign a user to the workitem is by re-initiating the Process filters to mimic how an item enters the queue.


  • To determine if this item is already listed as pending for the expected user, please follow the instructions listed within the related Answer below and run the pending user items script, Get_User_Pending_Items.sql
  • If the workitem is not returned in the list of items pending for the user in question from the script above, please run the following command to reinitialize the SQL Flow filter for this workitem (this will have no adverse effects on your environment):
    exec sf_filter_util.updatefilterresult(workiteminstanceid => &Workitem_Instance_ID);

Keywords: workflow, queue, workitem