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MarkView Workflow - Change Filters From Execution Time to Transition Time

How do I change MarkView SQL*Flow Filters from Execution time to Transition Time? 3866
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How do I change MarkView SQL*Flow Filters from Execution time to Transition Time? 3866


Having SQL*Flow Filters from Execution time can impact performance of Get Next document retrieval.


  • Changing filters to Transition Time may improve performance of certain parts of the Kofax Workflow System.
    However, depending on the workflow configuration, some filters need to be set to Runtime. Please check with your Kofax Consulting Team prior to implementing this change.
    To change filters to Transition Time:
    Via SQL*Plus, execute SF_FILTER_UTIL.SetFilterExecutionTimeframe, passing the FilterID and sf_client.ETF_TRANSITION_TIMEFRAME (which is 1).
    So, for example
    SQL> exec SF_FILTER_UTIL.SetFilterExecutionTimeframe (
    FILTERID => 241,

    This procedure should generate records in SF_Filter_Result table for the filter function. You should confirm this.
    For all systems changes, including upgrades, Kofax Technical Support requires that you follow these steps. For issues that arise during a system change, Kofax Technical Support will troubleshoot and diagnose the issue with the assumption that these steps have been (or are being) followed.
    1. Plan the change in a DEV/TEST environment
    2. Ensure that a valid backup of the target environment exists, and that there is a recovery plan should things go wrong
    3. Install the system change in a quiet environment
    4. Compile all invalid objects
    5. Unit test
    6. Arrange for User Acceptance Test and regression test of existing functionality
    7. Plan for promotion to Production, including a fallback / disaster recovery plan

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