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How to Add Return Reasons to the Return to Supplier Markup Tool

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


  • When placing the Return to Supplier markup on a workitem there is a 'Return Reason' field.

    How do I add reasons to this field?

Known Causes

In some cases customers may want to configure the Return Reasons available in the Return to Supplier markup.


  1. Create a new "Message" in Markview Administration "Messages" tab as follows:
        Component: MVAP_RETURN_REASON
        Message Name: Enter a name (ex: "Not our Supplier")
        Message type: Label
        Description: Optional - Can create a longer description.
        Retain: Select "Yes"
        Changeable: Select "Yes"
        Style: (Leave blank)
    • Click Save. Now complete the Message Translations subtab for the Message you just created, as follows:
          Language Name: Select the language you would like the message to appear in.
          Text translation: Enter a text description for the reason for return (ie "We do not do business with this supplier")
    • Click Save. (You do not need to complete any other subtab)
    • Repeat these steps for each reason you want to include in the "Return Reasons".
  2. Configure the return reason for an Organization or on global level (All Organizations) as follows:
    • From MarkView home , select Administration > Module Admin > Organizations.
    • Continue as follows:
      • If assigning invoice return reasons for a selected organization, locate the organization and click Configuration.
      • If assigning invoice return reasons for all organizations, select Global Configuration.
    • Select Invoice Return Reasons (The page displays the reasons already assigned to the organization).
    • Click Add and select the Message Name to add.
    • Repeat this procedure for each reason to include in the Return Reason list of values.

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