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How to find the new document created by placing the Recreate Document markup

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


  • The placement of the Re-Create Document markup results in that item routing to the Redirected Work Items queue and a new work item being created and released into the appropriate workflow.
  • How can I identify the new work item that is created?


  • The new work item will have a Source Document ID work item property. This work item property will contain the Document ID of the original document on which the "Re-Create Document" markup was placed.
    If you know the original document ID, you can identify the new document and it's location in the workflow by invoking the following query:
    select wi.workitem_instance_id, ppv.property_name,
        ppv.property_value, wi.workflow_name, wi.queue_name
        from sf_workitem_property_values_v ppv,
        sf_workitem_info wi
        where wi.workitem_instance_id = ppv.workitem_instance_id
            and ppv.property_name = 'SourceDocumentID'
            and ppv.property_value = '&OriginalDocumentID';

Note: The preceding query will prompt you for the OriginalDocumentID.

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