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MarkView Workflow - Unable to Filter the list of users in the Reassign document Markup

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: 6.4 and 6.5


When attempting to filter the list of users in the Reassign document Markup all users are appearing, even if filter criteria is entered. (Please note that this is specific to the Reassign document Markup in the Express Viewer, if you are using Advisor 3.0 and are unable to filter the Reassign functionality within Advisor, please review.

Kofax AP Advisor 3.0.0 Patch FR0348 - SPR00068701 - The list of users to reassign needs to be filterable by the user

Known Causes

This issue has been identified as a Product Defect ( SPR00064381 ).


  • In order to workaround the Product Defect set LongList = N for the REASSIGN_AUTHORIZED_USERS LOV.
    • From MarkView Home -> Administration -> List of Values (LOV)
      Set Long List: N
      Have the user close down all of their browsers and log back into MarkView. They should now be able to filter the user list. For optimal performance they should enter their filter criteria prior to selecting the LOV button. That is to search for users named John Smith. They should place the Reassign Markup, enter Smith*, and then click on the LOV button. This should then filter the results.
  • This issue will also be resolved in the MarkView 7.0 Release.

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