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Unable to view filtered work items in Process Monitor or retrieve items via Get Next

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Work items are viewable in MarkView Process Monitor when viewing queues directly, but not when viewing work items using filters. Also, even when work items are in the appropriate queues, you cannot retrieve them.

How do you fix these problems?

To fix these problems, recompile the filters by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into SQL Plus as the owner of the MarkView schema.
  2. In SQL Plus, invoke the following commands:
    SQL> EXEC SF_DESIGNER.RebuildFilterDispatch;
    SQL> EXEC SF_FILTER_UTIL.UpdateAllFilterResults;
    (The preceding commands might take a quite some time to complete.)
  3. If the commands in Step 2 do not generate errors, commit the transaction by invoking the following command:

Keywords: filter recompile dispatch