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MarkView for SAP - Workitems route to the Workflow Administration Queue with ORA-20961: Invalid WorkItem Property: BatchGUID

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Applies To

  • ERP System: SAP
  • MarkView Version:,,,


  • After applying the,,, or Fix Packs workitems that were processed through KTM are routing to the Workflow Administration queue with the following error message:
    ORA-20891: MVT_Document_Capture.PostCreateDocument: ORA-20961: Invalid WorkItem Property: BatchGUID

Known Causes

  • This is known issue ( 729267 ) that will be resolved in an upcoming Fix Pack. In the meantime please review the Resolution section below for a workaround which will prevent this from occurring.


  1. Download the file attached to the article.
  2. Navigate to the folder for your specific MarkView Fix Pack version.
  3. Copy the archive from that folder to the <MV_INSTALLER>/tools folder.
  4. Grant permissions to execute the file if running on a Linux/Unix Server.
  5. In the <MV_INSTALLER>/tools folder, run the “” (import-module.bat if running on Windows) script with arguments:
    ./ <DBHOST> <DBPORT> <DBSID> <DB_MV_USER> <DB_MV_PASSWORD> ocr-invoice
    For example:
    ./ rhsap60 1522 vis01 markview markview ocr-invoice
  6. The message below should appear:
    «The import module tool was successful. Please see the logs for more details».
  7. If the import was unsuccessful, please retrieve the log files from the <MV_INSTALLER>/log folder, and create a Support Ticket.

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