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Work Items Not Moving from the Verify AP Process Complete Queue

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Question / Problem: 

Work items are stuck in the Verify AP Process Complete queue and are not transitioning forward in the workflow. 

Answer / Solution: 

Ensure you have configured and scheduled the Oracle concurrent job to run a MarkView procedure as part of a Request Set with Oracle Invoice Validation. The MarkView procedure alerts a MarkView event that causes work items to transition to the appropriate next queue in the workflow based on the status of each invoice. The MarkView procedure must run right after the Oracle Payables Approval request runs. 

This is documented in the MarkView Installation document for your MarkView version, under the following section of the Installation Guide: Perform additional setup in Oracle > Configure the Oracle concurrent managers

Kofax MarkView Installation Guide for Oracle E-Business Suite Version: 10.2.0, Perform additional setup in Oracle, Configure the Oracle concurrent managers


Download the MarkView documentation 


Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView for Oracle 10.0+



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