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Troubleshooting Outbound Emails from Viewer

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Emails are not going out when users try to send from the Viewer. 



  • Emails from the Viewer use the Viewer and Export functionality that is part of the Application Server modules and DB. 
    • Viewer logging is applicable for troubleshooting.



  • REMINDER: Emailing from the MarkView Viewer does not go through the 170 MarkView Mail Gateway.
  • Use Support Tools > Export Request Admin to examine export requests (emails sent out from Viewer) and errors. 
  • Check MV Preferences: 
    • Export Admin Settings
      • ServletAddress
        • Correct protocol?
        • Correct server?
        • Correct port matching the protocol (http port for http and https port for https)? 
        • Correct ServerName, QueueName? 
        • ServletUserName is usually 'ADMIN'. 
          • Privileges for 'ADMIN' 


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MarkView for Oracle 8.x+      





Article # 3048292