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Sample App - Android - Imageprocessor - Save images

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To analyze and compare the taken picture from camera and after image processing, do you have a sample app?



Existing Imageprocessor sample app does not have a save button. An Enhancement Request was written to improve it.

Sample apps are located in the package here:




You can download this source code here for Java: SDK 3.6 SDK 3.7. It bases on existing image processor sample app. To use it you can copy and overwrite the files in the extracted sample apps folder.

A save button is shown after the image was taken and after the image is processed.

If you click the button after the image was taken then it is saved/stored in download folder and named as KofaxImage_yyyy-mm-dd_hh_mm_ss_camera.jpg.

If the image was processed then as KofaxImage_yyyy-mm-dd_hh_mm_ss_processed.jpg.


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Mobile Capture SDK 3.6, 3.7      


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Article # 3046833
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