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Custom URL entered into browser does not open Kofax Mobile Capture for Android


Question / Problem: 

Entering a Custom URL into the browser's URL field on an Android device does not open Kofax Mobile Capture App 3.5 for Android.  

Answer / Solution: 

Due to a limitation in Android, entering a Custom KMC App URL into the browser's URL field will not open the Kofax Mobile Capture application.

However, if the user clicks a link on an HTML page that contains the Custom URL, the browser will open the KMC App for Android, connect to the shortcut defined in the URL and pre-populate any fields with the data supplied by the URL.

To resolve this issue:

1. Provide the Custom URL as a link on an HTML page.

2. Provide the user with the URL of the HTML page

3. Instruct the user to click the link that contains the Custom URL.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KMC App 3.5



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