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Install Gateways as Services

Question / Problem: 

How to install and run gateways in Services mode in OC or Flow ?

Answer / Solution: 

Gateways can run in foreground or Services mode. Below are the steps to create gateway services in OC or Flow.

1.  Right Click and run as admin SrvInstl.exe from the path - D:\Optitrade Confirm\Flow\Prog\    [ The install path differs for each client ]

2.  Below is a sample to create Service for  WMROASYS gateway 46.


Service Name: Optitrade OAS 46 ION   

Gateway id:  46    

Current Working Dir:

D:\Optitrade Confirm\Flow\GW

UNC path is

D:\Optitrade Confirm\Flow\Prog\Wmroasys.exe      ( Select the right executable)

User credentials:

Userid-  ION2  

Password - ION2

( The gateway account credentials should pre-exist in WSETUP.)

Log On As:

Enter Service account credentials.


3. Click on 'Create' tab once the details are filled. 

4. Once the service is created, go to ‘regedit’  ->  HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services 

Find the service you just created  - Optitrade OAS 46 ION  and Add speech marks around the ImagePath as shown below. Click on OK.



5. Start the gateway service from Services.msc 

Applies to:  

Product Version
OC 5.x+



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