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Integrated Authentication in Flow

Integrated Authentication is an alternative authentication mechanism that allows users to establish an OS login session.  Eg: Flow sessions can be accessed via Windows AD account. Integrated Accounts mapped to Optitrade Flow users will be granted access to the application using the existing privileges mechanism associated with the Optitrade Flow user account. 

Integrated Authentication options are only supported by Optitrade Flow version 1.0 and later.

Question / Problem:

How to configure Integrated Authentication ?


Answer / Solution:

Listed below are steps to enable Integrated Authentication :

1.  Logon to WSETUP and click on ‘System’ menu -> ‘System Security’ -> ‘Password Access’.


2. Click on ‘Integrated’ Authentication and then ‘OK’.


3.  Click on ‘Users’ menu and then ‘Users’.


4.  Select the user account and click on ‘Modify’ to add Integrated account.


5.  Enter the Integrated Account as shown below and click on ‘Save’ and then ‘Cancel’.


6.  Click on WMSX and click on ‘OK’ to logon to Flow Client. Integrated account is used to logon and Password field is greyed out.



Hope this article is helpful.

If you have further questions or need assistance in configuring Integrated authentication, please contact Optitrade Tech Support.


AUTHOR:   Anu Soundararajan



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