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Amend a trade component - BLOCK B or SPLIT B

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How to Amend a trade in OC GUI ?



To amend a trade component- BLOCK B

1.      Select the trade from the explorer pane of the TradeExplorer page and select to view component on the trade.TradeExplorer.png

2.      Upon mouse hover over Options button, select the Amend option to amend the trade component.


The “Amend” menu commands are only available for “BLOCK-B” and “SPLIT-B” trade components that are in amendable states:-

  • Trades for which a BLOCK or SPLIT is submitted by host.
  • The trade has not gone to match agreed state.
  • The trade is not in ‘CAND’ or ‘CANA’ state.

3.       A new tab ‘Amend Component’ will be displayed. Under this tab, the edit version of the trade component is displayed, as shown here. The message types contain many fields. Optitrade Confirm pre-populates many of the fields where possible when establishing edit sessions.


4. Update the  fields that need to be amended in Editor and select Options menu then ‘Submit’ to submit the message to Central Trade Manager. 


Note:  The version of the trade component is incremented from the original version and function of the message is set to ‘REPC’. This is displayed in the ‘Control Information’ tab under the amend component tab.


To amend a trade component- SPLIT B

Follow the same process as above on a SPLIT-B trade.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Optitrade Confirm OC 5.x+      


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