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Amend a trade mismatched on PSET field

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How to amend a trade that is mismatched on PSET field



To Amend the trade , follow below steps:

1. Hover on the green arrow of the trade -> View Component -> Click on Options -> Amend.

2. Click on 'Settlement Instruction' Tab

3.  You will see a dropdown list where you can select either ALRT or MANI settlement type.

a.   For ALRT (alert) - you will need to select the correct four ALERT keys for the PSET you want.   

For PSET to be enriched, the SSI static data should exist in ALERT database for the combination of 4 alert keys. 

Settlement Information Tab.png

b.   For MANI (manual) - scroll towards the bottom, find the Place of Settlement, and type in the PSET BIC.

PSET field.PNG

4. Click on Options menu -> 'Submit' to submit the trade.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Optitrade Confirm OC 5.x+      



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