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Find if a trade is imported or rejected in OC

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How to find if the trade is processed or failed in Optitrade Confirm ?



Occasionally Business users might report that trades sent from host could not be found in Optitrade Confirm.

In such scenarios, please ask business users for reference number ie TRN (Transaction reference number) of the message.

1.      Once the TRN is known, traverse to the Gateway Import Data folder path – Eg:   IEDELV\DATA\

2.      Check if the TRN is in impdxxxx.dat where xxxx is currentmonthdate.   Eg:  impd0112.dat

3.      If the TRN is not in impdxxxx.dat file, please check with HOST team if the trade has been sent from their system. Inform user that trade didn’t hit Optitrade.

4.      If the TRN is in impdxxxx.dat , then Check if the message is in ilogxxxx.dat in same folder where xxxx is currentmonthdate.    Eg:  ilog0112.dat

5.      Search by TRN to check if the trade is imported or rejected.


6. If the trade is rejected, then it will not be in OC GUI.   Please inform the business user that the trade is rejected. 

7. If the reason for rejection couldn't be identified, please share the imp_blim message to Optitrade Tech Support to check why the trade is rejected.

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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Optitrade Confirm OC 5.x+      
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