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Generate a SPLIT-B from a counterparty SPLIT-A trade

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How to generate a SPLIT B from SPLIT A trade component ?



  • A SPLIT-B for the Broker can be auto-generated from the alleged side split which is in NMAT state and which Block components are in MACH state.
  • Select the trade SPLIT-A from the explorer pane of the TradeExplorer page and select to view component on the trade.
  • Select the ‘Generate Split...’ option menu, this will use the most recent information response of alleged split to generate the broker’s split.


  • A SPLIT-B trade component will be created in a new Edit session with Trade fields auto-populated from the most recent or selected info response message. The fields can be edited if required.


  • Enter a unique Client Allocation Reference or any mandatory fields as reported by Editor and select Options menu then ‘Submit’ to submit the message to CTM.

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Kofax Optitrade Confirm OC 5.x+      


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