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SSI Database in Optitrade Confirm

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SSI Database in Optitrade Confirm



SSI Database allows user to enrich broker delivery instructions automatically for SWIFT GETC and FIX interfaces.

To configure an SSI database, select the SSI Database option from Optitrade Confirm page. The user must have the SSIDBRead operation enabled in Role Management.

The initial screen for SSI database is as shown below. Options to Add, Modify, Delete and Cancel will only be available to users with the SSIDBWrite operation enabled in Role Management:


To add SSI information, select the Add button. The following screen in shown below:

Note: User should have necessary privileges and roles from User Mapping to read and write SSI Database.



The SSI information is a stored combination of BIC, Account ID (only for IM BIC), Model Name, Country Code, Security Type and Method Type. These must be unique for each SSI record. A description of each field is provided below:


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Optitrade Confirm 5.x      



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