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SSL configuration for Optitrade Confirm

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Configuring SSL for using Optitrade Confirm UI


  1. Create a Self signed certificate

    Once you have SSL configured and working, you can replace the self signed certificate with one issued by a trusted authority in compliance with your company’s security policy. For the purposes of Optitrade Confirm application any certificate is good.
    1. Create a self signed security certificate on IIS using the selfSSL utility from Microsoft. Once you have the SSL Utility in pace, run the following command (as Administrator)
      selfssl /N:CN=<> /V:<number of valid days>
      self SSL cmd.png
    2. Place the certificate in the trusted root folder as well.  Go to Start -> Run -> enter mmc
      run mmc.png
    3. In the console go to File -> Add/Remove Snap-in
      add remove snap in.png
    4. Add certificate from the left hand side
    5. Select Computer account -> Local Computer -> select Finish
    6. Select certificate and Click on OK to view the certificates
    7. Navigate to Personal -> Certificates and locate the certificate you setup using the SelfSSL utility. Right-click the certificate and select copy
      personal certificate.png
    8. Paste the certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities -> Certificates folder
      trusted root certificate.png
  2. Configure SSL for your Application Pool in IIS
    1. In your IIS Manager go to Server Certificates, the certificate you just created should be present, else import it
    2. Enable SSL for the OptitradeTradeExplorer site. Select Require SSL and accept certificate options
    3. In the Default Web Site bindings, add a new binding
      add in IIS.png
    4. Link the certificate you created the binding you have just created
  3. Configuration in Optitrade Confirm application

    Edit the TradeExplorer web.config file in
    <InstallationDrive>:\Program Files\Optitrade Confirm\Trade Explorer\web.config

    Take a backup of the file before you start editing. Change httpTransport to httpsTransport as shown below. Change the security mode to Transport for the webHttpBinding and basicHttpBinding as shown below.
  4. Do an IISRESET
  5. Open the OptitradeConfirm UI using https



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Kofax Optitrade Confirm 5.x      

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