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Optitrade Match

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Optitrade MATCH provides users with the benefits needed for fast, accurate matching of electronic business messages such as confirmations, executions, payments, orders, statements and instructions. It is a ‘plug-compatible’ companion application to Optitrade FLOW. 

Optitrade MATCH is a comprehensive transaction matching application which:-

•Provides matching of Party and Counterparty ETC messages

  for SWIFT, OASYS Global, CTM, etc

•Allows users to set up and control transaction matching criteria for Block and Allocation (contract) trades

•Can perform one-one and one-many matching

•Supports reconciliation of structured statements

•Provides a GUI allowing users to track transaction status,  over-ride matches (breaking or forcing) and change matching criteria where required.

•Allows ‘response events’ to be defined which generate messages to counterparties or the back office on given results automatically.

                                                               TYPICAL MATCH CONFIGURATION



Article # 307885
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