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What does DISQ status mean in CTM Trades?


A trade component is DISQ when a TradeDetail passes synchronous validation (that is, a Valid is sent) but fails initial asynchronous processing. In this case, Omgeo CTM does not create a valid TradeDetail. However, the component identifiers have already been established by passing synchronous validation, but there is no valid TradeDetail to attach them to. When this happens, Omgeo CTM creates a DISQUALIFIED (DISQ) TradeDetail and attaches the components identifiers to it.

Each DISQ error message varies why CTM is creating such error.

Example circumstance that cause a disqualified status is submitting a TradeDetail with inconsistent TradeLevel information.

If trade is over allocated – that is if the Total quantity is less than allocated quantity.

If nominal in Trade Level is different to that in Trade Detail (UNIT vs FAMT)

A DISQUALIFIED TradeDetail can be corrected by sending out an amendment message using the identifiers that caused the asynchronous failure. Then, Omgeo CTM creates a valid TradeDetail and the trade can progress.

Please refer to the CTM Error Code Data Reference for other CTM errors. 

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