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Security Manager Module

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What is Optitrade Security Manager Module?


Optitrade has an enhanced SQL Server based security management component called Optitrade Security Manager which readily integrates with the CONFIRM Product.

SECURITY MANAGER is a Role-based authorization policy store that specifies application access and audit control in terms of user roles that reflect an application's authorization requirements. In SECURITY MANAGER Windows domain users and groups are assigned to roles based on their job functions and these roles are granted permissions to perform related tasks within the Confirm application. SECURITY MANAGER uses the Windows Authorization Manager (AzMan) technology as part of its Security Model.

The SECURITY MANAGER comes with a web based front-end that enables IT administrators to manage the security permissions of the business users who will use the Optitrade applications through assigned user roles corresponding to their daily job functions.

The key features of the Security Manager include –

Role Definition Management Multiple “Roles” can be defined, each of which is configured to contain a pertinent set of operations
Role Assignment Roles (one or many) are assigned to users. When users logon to the application, the SECURITY MANAGER service supplies the browser client with a list of all the operations associated with the users’ roles.
Scope Definition Management The role assignments described above are performed in a “Scope”.  Scopes limit the effect of the user access / operations in the browser client.
Operation Definition Management In most cases, modules use a fixed set of Operations and these are supplied in the default role store installed with the product. Roles may be assigned directly to individual users or to user groups.  Groups can be defined externally (e.g. Active Directory Groups or Local Groups defined on the Confirm Server).
Dual Control - Approval Based Workflow

The execution of some critical operations often requires an approval of responsible persons. SECURITY MANAGER allows defining critical operations that are executed only after an approval is granted.

The 4 eyed principle could also be implemented for Static Data i.e. Party Management

User Activity Report SECURITY MANAGER provides a powerful means for monitoring the role store management activities by the performed by the authorized active directory users. Each action performed in any of the SECURITY MANAGER role stores is recorded in the user activity report section allowing you to track the user activities. You can view detailed information on each operation performed and easily sort the report in display. Reports on changes to static data are also possible.


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