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Archive trades from OC GUI

Question / Problem: 

How to do DB archiving from OC GUI ?

Answer / Solution: 

DB archiving should be done via auto-scheduler as part of housekeeping tasks. However if for any reason this is skipped, then trades could be archived from OC GUI.


1.      DBA to backup the Prod DB  - OptitradeConfirm.

2.      Check if service account credentials are available to the user performing Archive.

3.      Run below queries and tabulate the results:


Steps :

1.      Stop all OC services except ‘Optitrade Confirm 05 CTM Adapter’

2.      Access OptitradeConfirm Landing page and double click on Archive module


3.  Leave 3 or 6 months data and archive old trades in batches. 

Archive the trades by selecting 6 months or 3 months date range. Record the results.


4.  After archiving all the trades retaining only 3 or 6 months data , please run below queries and tabulate the results.


5.      Start all OC services.



Applies to:  

Product Version
OC All versions



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